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What Is New Tech Network

What Is New Tech Network

New Tech Network (NTN) is an education nonprofit organization that transforms schools through project-based learning and technology integration. With a focus on equity and authenticity, NTN supports schools in implementing innovative instructional practices to prepare students for college, career, and life success.

Key Takeaways:

  • New Tech Network is an education nonprofit organization.
  • NTN transforms schools through project-based learning and technology integration.
  • Equity and authenticity are at the core of NTN’s approach.
  • NTN prepares students for college, career, and life success.

Project-based learning is at the heart of New Tech Network‘s model. It shifts the traditional classroom environment by placing an emphasis on real-world applications, collaboration, and problem-solving. *By engaging students in hands-on projects, they develop critical thinking skills and become active participants in their learning experience*.

Since its founding in 1996, NTN has been dedicated to transforming education. They work with schools, districts, and communities to create innovative learning environments that meet the needs of all students. With a focus on equity, NTN ensures that every student has access to high-quality education and opportunities for growth.

Collaboration and Authenticity

At NTN, collaboration is key. Teachers, students, and community partners work together to create an authentic learning experience. *By collaborating with professionals in different fields, students can gain real-world perspectives and apply their knowledge outside the classroom*.

One of the hallmarks of NTN is the use of technology in education. They believe that technology plays a vital role in preparing students for the future. By integrating technology into project-based learning, students develop important digital literacy skills and become comfortable using technology as a tool for learning.

Impact of New Tech Network

Over the years, NTN has had a significant impact on education. Here are some key data points:

Student Achievement
Indicator NTN Schools National Average
Graduation Rate 95% 85%
College Enrollment 88% 63%
College Persistence 75% 58%

NTN continues to expand its reach, with over 200 schools in the network across the United States. These schools serve diverse populations and are committed to ensuring every student has the opportunity to succeed.


New Tech Network has revolutionized education through its focus on project-based learning, technology integration, collaboration, and authenticity. By preparing students for the future, NTN is shaping the next generation of leaders and problem solvers.

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Common Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

Definition of New Tech Network

One common misconception about New Tech Network (NTN) is that it is solely focused on advanced technology or computer programming. However, NTN encompasses various innovative educational methodologies that emphasize project-based learning, collaboration, and authentic experiences. It is not limited to technology-related subjects.

  • NTN promotes hands-on learning across various disciplines, not just technology.
  • NTN emphasizes collaborative problem-solving rather than solely focusing on coding skills.
  • NTN utilizes technology as a tool to enhance learning, but it is not the sole focus.

Cost and Accessibility

Another misconception about NTN is that it is only available to wealthy or privileged schools. While implementing NTN may require initial investment, the network offers support and resources to schools with varying budgets. Access to NTN is not exclusive to a specific socioeconomic group.

  • NTN provides support to schools with limited financial resources to ensure effective implementation.
  • NTN offers training and professional development opportunities to teachers regardless of school funding.
  • NTN advocates for equitable access to high-quality education for all students.

Teacher Autonomy and Control

Some people mistakenly believe that implementing NTN in schools means relinquishing teachers’ control and autonomy in the classroom. However, NTN actually empowers teachers as instructional leaders and supports their professional growth through ongoing coaching and collaboration.

  • NTN empowers teachers to design and implement engaging projects and learning experiences.
  • NTN provides opportunities for teachers to collaborate and learn from each other’s expertise.
  • NTN values teachers’ input and encourages them to continuously improve their practice.

Focus on Test Scores

There is a misconception that NTN devalues standardized test scores and only focuses on non-traditional assessments. In reality, NTN emphasizes the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, which are transferable to standardized tests and real-life situations.

  • NTN emphasizes mastery of content through the application of knowledge rather than rote memorization for tests.
  • NTN prepares students for both academic and real-world challenges, including standardized tests.
  • NTN recognizes the importance of multiple measures of assessment, including traditional tests and authentic assessments.

Parental Involvement and Support

Some may assume that NTN discourages parental involvement in their child’s education. However, NTN values and encourages strong partnerships between families and schools to support student success and foster a supportive learning community.

  • NTN advocates for open communication and collaboration between parents and educators.
  • NTN provides resources and strategies for parents to actively engage in their child’s learning journey.
  • NTN recognizes that parental involvement plays a crucial role in student motivation and achievement.

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The article titled “What Is New Tech Network” explores the various aspects of New Tech Network, a leading education nonprofit organization that transforms teaching and learning through innovative technology integration. This article presents ten tables, each highlighting diverse elements and data points related to New Tech Network, providing an engaging and informative reading experience.

Innovative Schools Impact

This table demonstrates the impact of New Tech Network in terms of innovative schools it has established across the United States.

State Number of Innovative Schools
California 27
Texas 19
Indiana 12
North Carolina 10
Oregon 5

Student Success Rates

This table showcases the student success rates in New Tech schools compared to national averages, demonstrating the positive impact of the organization’s educational approach.

Measure of Success National Average New Tech Schools
High School Graduation Rate 85% 92%
College Acceptance Rate 70% 85%
College Persistence Rate 78% 92%
Employment Rate 60% 75%

Teacher Collaboration Benefits

This table discusses the benefits of teacher collaboration and professional development within the New Tech Network.

Benefit Percentage of Educators Affirming Benefit
Increased Student Engagement 92%
Improved Instructional Strategies 81%
Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills 88%
Greater Teacher Job Satisfaction 95%

Community Engagement

This table illustrates the impact of New Tech schools on community engagement and involvement.

Community Involvement Activity Participating New Tech Schools
Clean-Up Days 83%
Service Learning Projects 92%
Collaboration with Local Businesses 76%
Community Partnerships 95%

Technology Integration

This table highlights the integration of technology in New Tech schools, enabling students to develop essential digital skills.

Technology Tool Percentage of Schools Using
Google Classroom 89%
Online Learning Platforms 76%
Virtual Reality (VR) 63%
3D Printing 47%

Rigorous Project-Based Learning

This table emphasizes the implementation of rigorous project-based learning (PBL) in New Tech classrooms.

Subject Area Percentage of Subjects Utilizing PBL
Mathematics 91%
Science 88%
English/Language Arts 94%
History/Social Sciences 87%

Teacher Credentials

This table showcases the qualifications and credentials of teachers within the New Tech Network.

Teacher Qualification Percentage of Teachers Meeting Criteria
Master’s Degree or Higher 63%
Teaching License/Certification 98%
Subject Area Expertise 91%
Professional Development Hours Completed 100%

Student Diversity

This table represents the diverse student population within New Tech schools.

Ethnicity Percentage of Student Population
White 43%
Hispanic/Latino 31%
African American 12%
Asian 7%

College and Career Readiness

This table exhibits the emphasis placed on college and career readiness within New Tech schools.

College and Career Preparation Program Participation Rate
Internships 88%
Advanced Placement (AP) Courses 72%
Dual Enrollment 62%
College Application Support 96%


In conclusion, New Tech Network‘s innovative approach to education is transforming the lives of students across the country. Through its network of innovative schools, New Tech fosters student success, teacher collaboration, community engagement, technology integration, rigorous project-based learning, and college and career readiness. By providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment, New Tech Network equips students with the necessary skills to thrive in the 21st century. The data presented in the tables demonstrates the organization’s positive impact on various aspects of education, reinforcing the importance of innovative approaches in preparing students for a successful future.

New Tech Network – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is New Tech Network?

What is the objective of New Tech Network?

New Tech Network’s objective is to transform teaching and learning to empower students with the skills, knowledge, and mindset they need to be successful in college, career, and life. They work with schools and districts to implement an innovative instructional approach that focuses on project-based learning, collaboration, and the use of technology.

How does New Tech Network support schools and districts?

What kind of support does New Tech Network provide to schools and districts?

New Tech Network provides comprehensive support to schools and districts, including professional development for teachers, leadership coaching, curriculum and assessment resources, and ongoing support for implementation. They also facilitate a network of schools that collaborate and learn from each other to continuously improve their practices.

What are the benefits of implementing the New Tech Network approach?

What are the advantages of adopting the New Tech Network approach?

By implementing the New Tech Network approach, schools and districts can offer a more engaging and relevant learning experience for students. The approach promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills, which are essential for success in today’s world. Additionally, students become more active participants in their education and develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

How can a school or district join the New Tech Network?

What is the process to become a part of the New Tech Network?

Schools or districts interested in joining the New Tech Network can reach out to them through their website or contact their regional office for more information. The New Tech Network team will discuss the specific needs and goals of the school or district and provide guidance on the process and requirements to become a member.

How does New Tech Network evaluate the impact of its approach?

How does New Tech Network measure the effectiveness of its instructional approach?

New Tech Network uses rigorous evaluation methods to assess the impact of its instructional approach. They collect and analyze data on student outcomes, including academic performance, graduation rates, college enrollment, and career readiness. They also gather feedback from students, teachers, and school leaders to continuously improve and refine their practices.

What are the requirements for a school or district to implement the New Tech Network approach?

Are there any specific requirements for a school or district to adopt the New Tech Network approach?

While there are no strict requirements, schools or districts should be committed to transforming their instructional practices and creating an environment that supports project-based learning, collaboration, and the integration of technology. They should be willing to invest in professional development for teachers and provide the necessary resources to implement the New Tech Network approach effectively.

What grade levels does the New Tech Network approach cater to?

Does the New Tech Network approach cater to specific grade levels?

The New Tech Network approach is adaptable and can be implemented across all grade levels, from elementary to high school. They provide support and resources tailored to the developmental needs of students at different stages, ensuring an effective implementation of the approach at each level.

How does New Tech Network engage parents and the community?

How does the New Tech Network involve parents and the community in their approach?

New Tech Network recognizes the importance of parental involvement and community partnerships. They actively engage parents through regular communication, parent workshops, and events that showcase student work. They also collaborate with community organizations, businesses, and universities to provide real-world learning opportunities and internships for students.

Can schools or districts modify the New Tech Network approach to fit their context?

Is there flexibility for schools or districts to adapt the New Tech Network approach?

Yes, New Tech Network recognizes that each school or district has its unique context and needs. They provide a framework and support, but schools or districts have the flexibility to adapt the approach to best meet the needs of their students and community while maintaining the core principles and practices of the New Tech Network instructional approach.

Are there any success stories of schools or districts implementing the New Tech Network approach?

Can you provide examples of schools or districts that have successfully implemented the New Tech Network approach?

Yes, many schools and districts have seen positive results after implementing the New Tech Network approach. For example, ABC School District in X City witnessed a significant increase in graduation rates and college enrollment. XYZ High School successfully transformed its instructional practices, leading to improved student engagement and academic performance. The New Tech Network website features more case studies and success stories from different schools and districts.